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Founded in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, The Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) has managed over 40 commissioned and publicly funded projects across Portland. PSAA builds a community of street artists, documents the history of Portland street art, and advocates for artists through communicating with the city and stakeholders to develop more inclusive and equitable art programs. Their mission is to cultivate a more democratic culture of artistic expression, by activating public spaces and broadening perspectives to build a more engaged and diverse city.



A&O assisted the PSAA in the launch of the Taylor Electric Project, a collaborative, open-air street art gallery that highlighted the work of over 80 artists during an all-day event that included live-paintings, artist commissions, live music, local pop-ups, food carts, local beer, skateboarding ramps, and more. A&O positioned the Taylor Electric Project as emblematic of developer Killian Pacific’s commitment to enriching the local community by being a patron of the arts.

@OddioPhoto Garage 1 - Sneke-min
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Tiffany Conklin @pdxeveryday Purple Vision Live Painting-min
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