MadeHere PDX

Retail Store

Founded by a team of proud Portlanders, MadeHere PDX’s goal remains the collecting, curating, and showcasing the goods of Portland’s vibrant scene of creatives, designers, artists, and makers. The first store was opened in Portland’s Pearl District in 2014 and subsequently expanded by opening two new locations in 2017, MadeHere PDX East Side located on historic Mississippi Street and MadeHere PDX Hilton Downtown located inside the hotel.

In June of 2018, A&O worked with MadeHere PDX to promote the opening of MadeHere Home, the first MadeHere PDX store to focus exclusively on home furnishings. This new retail space focused on home furnishings and home goods. Housed on the ADX Campus, MadeHere PDX Home set up shop in 2000 sq feet space and includes products from over 35 local artisan, designers and brands. The store features well-known Portland brands such as Krown Labs, Revolution Design House, The Good Mod, North Drinkware and emerging designers including Harkavy, Kagu, PDX Originals and Lagom Handmade.