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Following the successful launch of the Jeff Koons Live Case in April, Google was looking to announce a new creative collaboration for October 2016 launch—this time, with internationally recognized artists, designers and photographers. Google reached out to A&O for services including messaging development, targeted list building in arts and culture, influencer outreach, event invitations and media placement.

The ‘Artworks’ collection of Live Cases for Google Nexus and Pixel 2017 phones would include original artwork by select participating artists including:

Chris Hadfield
Friends With You
Gray Malin
Justin Maller

Similar to the Koons’ case, once snapped on, the Live Case activates a special, live wallpaper feature utilizing NFC technology. The live wallpaper feature allows users to customize their display that is like having your own gallery of your favorite artists’ work right on your phone.

The customization does not end with gallery. New to the ‘Artworks’ collection of cases, users can customize their own case by cropping and zooming the artist’s original design, creating a case as unique as the user.

Through “Artworks” Live Cases, users are able to have a piece of artwork right in their pocket.

Initial press was secured in Hyperallergic and Widewalls.

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