Garis & Hahn

New York
Art Gallery

A unique exhibition space focussed on conceptual narratives and relevant conversations in contemporary art, Garis & Hahn is dedicated to providing accessible, educational programming to the local community and expanding the market for forward-thinking art.

Garis & Hahn was a brand new gallery to the New York art world launching in 2013. After hearing about A&O’s work with The Hole, their neighbor on the Bowery in New York’s Lower East Side, Garis & Hahn reached out to us with the hopes of taking a similarly forward-thinking approach to art exhibition — something that went beyond the “white cube” of conventional galleries and stood out from the noise of competition.

At A&O, our expertise resides in helping our art world clients define their brand in the digital, social and sharing age and develop a brand voice that rises above the rest. We helped Garis & Hahn stay true to their value proposition and brought in key influencer relationships and curatorial ideas that would help brand them accordingly. We also helped identify their target market and key metrics for success. In addition to connecting Garis & Hahn with artists, critics, curators, and other key art world influencers, A&O also served as an active marketing team and brand liaison with the celebrated fashion label rag & bone. What started out as a simple idea — displaying art selected by Garis & Hahn in rag & bone’s boutiques in Manhattan — was developed into a more lasting engagement with the gallery. The collaboration between the two brands expanded the audience for Garis & Hahn while at the same time highlighting rag & bone’s creative positioning.

Garis & Hahn’s exhibitions received coverage in the New York Times East Village Local section, Modern Painters, ArtFuse, the prominent art blogazine Hyperallergic, and the local news blog The Low Down. Their alignment with rag & bone, in particular, was covered in the New York Times Style section and the leading fashion news site Refinery29.

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