New York City, NY
Art fair


cutlog is a cutting-edge, international art fair founded in Paris that showcases emerging artists and galleries, providing fresh experiences and unexpected discoveries to collectors and enthusiasts alike. Seeking to increase media exposure for their second New York edition within Frieze Week 2014, cutlog sought A&O’s services after receiving many high recommendations and referrals from our mutual colleagues and previous clients.


The challenge of any art fair is how to build momentum after the initial launch – more specifically, how to keep audiences engaged and media favorable. Year two is notoriously difficult in this regard because of heightened expectations concerning the caliber of work as well as the innovations and improvements made since the previous edition. In its inaugural year, cutlog’s lack of branding and positioning resulted in a less than desirable amount of media coverage, and in order to maximize exposure, cutlog consulted A&O with how to refine and leverage their strengths as a brand.


A&O identified an opportunity for cutlog to emphasize their points of differentiation by marketing them as a cutting-edge, international art fair. We took this idea a step further and positioned cutlog as a boutique offering for the Lower East Side and as an alternative to the sterility of Frieze and NADA, highlighting their dazzling roster of emerging artists and galleries, the unparalleled depth of their performative programming, and, of course, the their offbeat venue: the ever-dizzying and labyrinthine Clemente. A&O saw brand value in these strengths and quirks, and rather than try to transform them to fit more easily into the typical art fair mold, we championed and refined these differences, thereby establishing their integrity as a provocative purveyor of ready-to-pop trends.


Top art world press have praised cutlog’s dynamic, alternative approach to the art fair scheme, stressing the unique advantages to the ways they actively differentiate themselves. A&O achieve over 50 press clip, with 100% share of voice in top 5 art world publications, including Purple Magazine, The Art Newspaper, T Magazine, Hyperallergic, Artnet, Art F City, and a mention in the New York Times.

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